Price List

Placenta Encapsulation $300

Tincture $50

Salve $50

Using placenta as a medicinal remedy goes back thousands of years and crosses cultures. Recently, it's made a come back in the United States as more and more women discover the benefits. Some women find that consuming placenta capsules helps increase milk production, speeds up physical recovery time, increases energy levels, decreases the risk of post partum depression and lessens anxiety. To get the most benefits from using your placenta I offer three services; capsules, tinctures and salves.

I will come to your house, safely and professionally process your placenta and turn it in to capsules. I follow the traditional method for encapsulation. When it's ready for you in a jar, it looks like any other herbal capsule.

For added benefits, I can also make a tincture which can be used for many years. A tincture has an alcohol base (I use a gluten-free Vodka) and just a few drops under your tongue can restore balance.

I can also make a salve that can be used for skin rashes, cuts and burns. If kept in the fridge, it can be used for 2-3 months.



I only need access to a sink, stove and small amount of counter space. Think it's all pretty cool and fascinating? You can sit and watch and I can show you the amazing attributes of your placenta. Think it's totally gross and would rather not be reminded about what's going on in your kitchen? That's ok, too! You certainly don't need to watch and don't even have to be home! I can come while you're still in the hospital or just stay quietly out of the way.

Either way, I'll leave your kitchen clean and make sure that all of your questions about encapsulation and your new role as a parent are answered. I'm also a postpartum doula, so I'm able to answer any newborn or postpartum related questions you may have. That's just one of the benefits of having your placenta encapsulated in your own home!

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