The Bachelorette and her placenta

Did you hear that Jillian Harris encapsulated her placenta? The former Bachelorette and interior designer just had a baby boy and is openly talking about consuming her placenta and how she feels after taking the capsules. She said that what she’s really noticed is how it has helped her deal emotionally with stressful situations. She feels that the placenta capsules have made her more grounded and calmer. It's also helped her maintain her energy levels and helped with milk production. She said she’s always supported alternative medicine and that she was instantly into the idea of placenta encapsulation. She felt that she didn’t have anything to lose! Now that she’s been taking them for a few weeks and has felt their effects, she said that she would do it all over again, too.

Which brings me a study done by the University of Nevada in 2013. The study asked a group of women who encapsulated their placentas what their motivation was in choosing to do it and how they felt after taking the capsules. The biggest reason women decided to encapsulate? To improve postpartum mood. The new mothers were hoping to avoid any symptoms of postpartum blues or depression and anxiety. And of this group of women in the study, what percentage would do it again? A whooping 97%! So while it may only be anecdotal evidence that placenta encapsulation has positive benefits, the women in this study and Jillian Harris are happy with the results!

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