What was I so afraid of?

Sure, most mammals consume their placenta after the birth of their baby. And, sure, I had heard other women talk about all of the awesome effects that taking their placenta capsules had produced for them. But that didn’t mean that I wasn’t a little weirded out about doing it myself. So what was I so afraid of?

1. People would think that I’m a “whoo hoo” hippie.

Turns out, no one knew that I encapsulated my placenta unless I told them. The encapsulator came to my house when I was still in the hospital and left me with a jar of capsules that looked like any other herbal capsule. Once I started feeling the positive effects from them, then I wouldn’t shut up about them, but that’s another story.


2. They would smell up the house

Ok, so this was more my husband’s fear than my own. There can be a slight odor when the placenta is being steamed, similar to cooking meat. We add ginger and lemon to the steaming water for their antiseptic and balancing properties, but it also has the added benefit of making the odor more palatable. Once the steaming process is over, the smell is gone and it’s not a smell that penetrates the whole house.


3. They would taste weird or be hard to swallow.

I have a hard time swallowing large pills. So much so, that many kinds of prenatal vitamins make me gag. Seriously, why are they so big and dry? The placenta capsules don’t taste any stranger than an herbal vitamin or pill. I much preferred the taste of them to my prenatals. They’re also in a vegan capsule form, not a tablet, so they’re much easier to swallow.


4. They would make me feel weird or “off”

I wasn’t sure what to expect with how they would make me feel. But not only did they not make me feel weird, they made me feel great. And I mean great in that they made me feel completely like myself and “normal”. Sleep deprived, yes, but not sleep deprived and weepy like I was after my first child when I didn’t take them.


5. Taking it home from the hospital would be too gross

Again, this was my husband’s fear since he was the one who had to do it. And I’ll be honest, I don’t think he loved it. But he did it. And after seeing how much the capsules helped me, he would gladly do it again. My midwife placed my placenta in a plastic container after birth and my husband put it in a cooler with ice from the hospital and then brought it home and put it in the fridge until the encapsulator got there.


Those were my fears going into the process. Are you thinking of encapsulating your placenta? Do you have any fears? Contact The Suburban Doula today and let's talk through those fears.